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Laser Derma Center  Yelp and Google Reviews

When I first came to Laser Derma Center, I was slightly apprehensive and didn't know what to expect. I'm glad I went and Met Ms Wilma . She was so nice and explained everything I need to know about the recommended treatment regimen. She made me feel comfortable talking about suggested procedures.  I am so happy with results the picture is right after one treatment. Thank you Ms. Wilma for helping improve the overall appearance of my skin.

PRP Under Eye Rejuvenation

​ " When I was younger, I was shy, quiet, an introvert, always hide my face behind dark sunglasses, Unable to look people straight into their eyes. This was until I met Wilma and magically she did wonders! Now I am free, spread my wings into the world !!!"
Dr. Randee Leyson

“They are the best, my skin looks as good as it has in 15 years!
Staff is super friendly and the treatments are affordable!”


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