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Our medical spa is equipped with the latest technologies, which is why our clients trust us to deliver the best treatments possible. Our registered nurses are experienced in using cutting-edge equipment to treat various skin conditions and help you achieve your desired look. We believe in using only the best FDA approved lasers and equipment, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality services.

Dr. Joseph Dinglasan Sr. Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


Our Medical Director Dr Joseph Dinglasan, Sr. , is a respected plastic surgeon based in San Gabriel Valley, who leads our Laser Derma center .  Dr. Joseph oversees the long-term direction of our network’s protocols and services in the advanced beauty space. He plays an important role in keeping safety and innovation at the forefront of medical aesthetics treatments. Currently, Dr. Joseph  works in various hospitals the Greater Los Angeles Area where he specializes in the field of facial  reconstruction. 

Contact us today at 626-915-1911 for your complimentary consultation.


 Wilma Dadang,BSN-RN

Wilma  is a passionate and skilled cosmetic nurse, armed with numerous expertise poised to make her mark in the industry.

Wilma  knew that she always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives so when it came time to determine a career path, nursing was a natural choice. She has over 33 years of nursing experience and 5 years of injecting experience.  Wilma  stays current in both emergency and aesthetic medicine by partaking in ongoing courses, lectures, and seminars to ensure that she is providing current and safe practice to her patients.

Wilma's guiding principle in her practice is that it’s not about changing who you are but rather becoming the best version of yourself.

About - LDC Laser | Teresa Hernandez


      Teresa has over 27 years of experience as a registered nurse and 20 years  in laser and dermatology industry  working in a variety of roles within the beauty industry including an advanced aesthetic nurse,  skin clinic and  medical aesthetician. She has extensive experience training medical professionals, certified physicians, and nurses to support their ongoing development. 

       Teresa has been participating actively in all reputable events and seminars in the cosmetic industry to continually advance her knowledge and practice. She loves to help her clients live inspired lives by bringing out a renewed sense of beauty, confidence, and positive energy through aesthetic treatments.

        Teresa brings compassionate, skilled and detailed manner to the cosmetic field specializing in laser and radio frequency treatments. She Enjoys reading, cooking, outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends.

About - LDC Laser |  Antonious J Abraham, PA-C 

                                        CA Physician Assistant License #: 58382


Laser Face Lifts &

Other Procedures in Covina

Provider that delivers high quality of care will spend significant time to listen to all your concerns . Tony have a great work-ethic and compassion that sets  him apart  when dealing with patients. As a practicing healthcare provider, it is important to Tony  to make all patients feel comfortable and more significantly, educated them  when they encounter medical care. Basketball is one of his favorite hobby to stay fit and active.

We have the most advanced, up to date technology that only a handful of dermatologists in the country utilize. No matter what your skin tone, we skillfully combine Laser and RF technology to get deep underneath the skin to permanently remove even the worst skin problems,

Thanks to his dedication to personalized care,Tony  has served numerous patients as well the friends and family they have referred. He understands how valuable a patient’s comfort is, and works to create the highest quality non-invasive skin rejuvenation experience.

Contact us today at 626-915-1911 for your complimentary consultation.

The Most Advanced Laser & RF Technology for Eye Rejuvenation

We combine laser and RF technology to get deep under the skin, and our procedures completely safe for everyone.

Convenient Location, Same Day Appointments

With our office in Covina, our friendly staff is here to accomodate you


“They are the best, my skin looks as good as it has in 15 years!
Staff is super friendly and the treatments are affordable!”


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