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Laser Tattoo Removal Services

Safe & Affordable Laser Tattoo Removal Services in Melbourne

DRM Laser Tattoo Removal, a trusted name among tattoo removal clinics in Melbourne, offers effective tattoo removal and fading services for all skin types. Whether you want to erase a regrettable tattoo or require fading for a cover-up tattoo, we have got you covered. Our laser tattoo removal technician is an accredited laser safety officer with extensive experience in removing amateur and professional tattoos without causing thermal damage or other side effects. Leveraging the advanced Q-switched laser and Koolio cooling technology, we are ideally placed to remove even the most stubborn tattoos with minimal pain and irritation.

What We Do


Our laser safety officer analyzes your tattoo on every parameter of the "Kirby-Desai" scale - the global standard for effective tattoo removal - to determine accurate time and cost estimates for a safe and effective tattoo removal.


Though a complete tattoo removal is our core expertise, we also help our clients achieve partial tattoo fading for a new tattoo. We also collaborate with the finest tattoo artists in Melbourne to suggest you the best designs for cover-up tattoos.

The DRM Laser Edge

Having earned a qualification in skin science for laser tattoo removal, our laser tattoo removal specialist has vast experience in working with laser technologies. At DRM laser, we practice industry specific laser standards to meet the objectives of safe and painless tattoo removal.

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