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drm laser tattoo removal


Welcome to Melbourne's DRM LASER

DRM Laser provides safe, affordable and effective laser tattoo removal services in Melbourne. Our laser technician, an accredited laser safety officer, certified through the Fleming institute and Queensland radiation health, specializes in removing both amateur and professional tattoos. The laser technician has extensive experience in removing tattoos and uses gold standard laser technology for a safe and effective laser tattoo removal experience. Whether it is a typo spoiling your tattoo, or you simply want to remove an old one, our technician can take care of all such needs.

Laser Tattoo Removal

What to Expect?

Our laser expert analyzes your tattoo before proceeding with the removal process. The number of sessions and the cost required for tattoo removal depend on a number of factors. Such as the location, type and the colour of the tattoo. Typically an amateur tattoo can be removed more easily than one applied professionally, and black and grey tattoos will fade more readily than coloured ones. Our technician also provides pre and post procedure care instructions to avoid any complications.

What Sets Us Apart?

At DRM Laser Tattoo Removal we use the highest performance single pulsed Q-switched laser on the market, the Fotona QX-MAX. With this we extract optimum results for you and your tattoo each and every time. The Fotona QX-MAX has up to four different wavelengths for effective removal of tattoos, no matter what the colour.

Fotona QX Max

The state-of-the-art innovation of Fotona QX Max empowers our laser tattoo removal expert to deal with a broad spectrum of coloured tattoos, and makes the removal process safe and effective.


The air-cooling technology, powered by Koolio, enables our expert to reduce thermal damage and makes your tattoo removal a less painful experience.

Need More Info?

If you have any questions about laser tattoo removal, or wish to learn more about our laser tattoo removal services in Melbourne, fill up our online quote form, or give us a call at 0448 886 935.


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