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The Relationship Between the Lymphatic System and Laser Tattoo Removal


Advanced laser tattoo removal technology and a skilled technician are the two pre-requisites for an effective tattoo removal process. Skin treatments such as Lymphatic drainage therapy can reduce the healing time and increase the efficacy of the procedure, making laser tattoo removal worth its price.

Understanding the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system, much like blood vessels, is a network of vessels. The main difference between the two is: blood vessels circulate red blood cells while the lymphatic system circulates white blood cells. Lymph nodes are the natural drainage system for toxins in the body.

Lymphatic system and tattoo removal

The laser tattoo removal procedure turns ink in the tattoo from liquid to crystals form, and the lymphatic system removes the crystallized ink from the dermis. This is the primary reason why tattoo removal experts recommend a long gap between treatments if there is redness, blistering and scabbing on the skin. The body takes time to heal and lymphatic system supports the process.

Why lymphatic drainage therapy?

Lymphatic drainage therapy boosts the immune system, aids in relaxation, provides relief from stress, and detoxifies the body. This is a non-invasive procedure, where a skilled massage therapist works on the laser treated area to exercise and energize the lymphatic system around the old tattoo. The detoxification process of the body energizes and stimulates the lymph nodes to allow more efficient healing. Lymphatic drainage therapy is effective in getting out last bits of the remaining ink after laser tattoo removal.

Other ways to support lymphatic treatment

In addition to taking regular lymphatic drainage therapy sessions, you can also introduce lifestyle changes to increase the effectiveness of the laser tattoo removal procedure.

  • Stop smoking as it damages the vessels and makes plasma transfer difficult

  • Stay hydrated to help the body work hard to flush out the tattoo ink

  • Go for a walk every day as muscles will strengthen the lymphatic system

Final Words

A successful tattoo removal procedure takes time, especially when you want it to be done right without scarring. Consult our laser tattoo removal experts to learn more about the procedure, cost for your specific tattoo, and how to speed-up the healing time. You can count on our us for all tattoo removal needs in Melbourne at affordable prices. Call us at 0448 886 935 to get answers to all your questions or book an appointment. You can also fill out our contact form and we will get back to you in no time.