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3 Extreme Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Methods to Avoid


Laser tattoo removal is a quick, safe and efficient method to remove Improperly executed tattoos, regrettable words or ugly art depictions. These methods are not only ineffective, but may can leave permanent side effects. The only way to get your tattoo effectively and completely removed is to opt for laser tattoo removal. Many people, however, pursue other invasive or “DIY” methods to remove their unwanted tattoo. Without further ado, let’s look at three such extreme tattoo removal methodologies that pose severe risks. Dermabrasion is one of the best laser tattoo removal techniques.

1. Dermabrasion Tattoo Removal

The process involves sanding down or scraping away of the skin using an abrasive device such as a diamond wheel, wire brush, salt crystals or sterilised sandpaper. The procedure itself is very painful and causes scarring, discolouration, infection and bleeding of the tattooed area.

2. Salabrasion Tattoo Removal

Salabrasion involves the use of water and granular salt, and an abrasive device. The technician rubs the tattooed area with the abrasive device and applies salt granules to peel away the skin. Thereafter, a sterile gauze dressing and an antibiotic ointment is applied on the area, and it is left for a few days. The process can be extremely painful, and may cause an infection, burning sensation, itching, bruise, swelling, discolouration, bleeding and even permanent scarring.

3. Surgical Excision Tattoo Removal

Surgical excision tattoo removal involves the use of a scalpel. The practitioner uses it to remove the tattooed skin, after which the wound is stitched. The method has a number of possible side effects, such as infection, skin discolouration, raised and thickened scars. Some of the side effects may appear after three to six months post procedure, and may persist for life.

The Right Way Ahead

Non-laser tattoo removal techniques are harmful, painful, and usually fail to do the job to perfection. Laser tattoo removal cost depends on various factors, such as the number of sessions required, type of ink and skin tone. If you are looking for a reliable tattoo removal expert in Melbourne or nearby areas, look no further than DRM Laser. To learn more about our tattoo removal capabilities, simply call 0448 886 935 or fill out our contact form.