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Scarring is a common concern for individuals planning to go for the laser tattoo removal procedure. The scars on the skin not only look bad, removing them can also be expensive. DRM Laser provides safe, effective, and affordable tattoo removal procedure which uses gold standard laser technology. Going for an accredited laser safety technician assures you of the best tattoo removal process, reducing instances of scarring. Scarring happens in less than five percent of the cases, and you can take preventive measures before and after the procedure to eliminate all chances of scarring. The blog post guides you through essential points to take care of to prevent scarring post laser tattoo removal.

1. Prefer Advanced Laser Technology

The first thing you need to know any tattoo removal expert is the equipment they use in the procedure. Tattoo removal technology has greatly advanced in the last couple of years, with new equipment to remove ink more effectively while causing minimum harm to the surrounding skin coming onto the scene. DRM Laser, for instance, uses single pulsed Q-switched laser – Fotona QX-MAX, for tattoo removal session in Melbourne to deliver optimum results. The equipment has four different wavelengths to remove colored tattoos efficiently and safely.

2. Consider Experience of the Technician

People who go for the services of inexperienced laser technicians face a high risk of getting their skin hurt through improper use of the laser power settings. The density of ink changes after every treatment and it takes skill and experience to assess such changes. The tattoo removal technician will note down details such as skin type and ink density to determine the laser settings that are appropriate for the treatment. Always prefer a technician who has laser tattoo removal certification.

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3. Take Post-treatment Care

Aftercare instructions are important if you don’t want to develop any tattoo removal scar after treatment. Although, there is rarely any complication post-procedure, most cases happen due to the patient's failure to comply with aftercare instructions given by their tattoo removal expert. Remember that the healing process can make or break the result and effectiveness of the procedure.

4. Don’t Pop Blisters

Blistering is normal after any laser session. The reason for blisters is that the immune system tries to heal the affected area by removing ink from the skin. Most individuals get blisters after the first couple of treatments due to a high ink density. Do not pop blisters and if they do pop on their own, leave the skin flake off on its own. Always remember that popping blisters can cause scarring or infection.

5. Avoid Direct Sun Exposure

Sun and ultraviolet lights are not good for the skin, and if you are undergoing laser tattoo removal, always keep the ink covered to avoid scarring or burning. Staying indoors throughout the treatment is impossible for most people, so make sure you apply sunscreen over the treated area whenever you go out in the sun. Use a sunscreen with minimum SPF 25 and follow the instruction religiously, even two months following the last appointment.

Last Few Words

Scarring that happens after tattoo removal is light and use of vitamin E oil on the area is effective in lightening the mark. You should also increase your water intake, avoid too much alcohol, and keep the area clean to boost the body’s immune system naturally and assist in pigment elimination and skin repair. If you have questions on how to prevent scarring or our affordable laser tattoo removal procedure, get in touch with our laser technician today. You can call us at 0448886935 or drop an email at or fill out our contact from for a prompt response.


Laser treatment is the safest and most reliable non-invasive method of tattoo removal. The introduction of cutting-edge technology in laser treatment has lifted the tattoo that used to be attached to tattoo removal. Although the process takes a number of sessions to completely remove a tattoo, it gives permanent desired results. However, how you treat your tattoo before undergoing a laser tattoo removal process is crucial to the health of your skin. Here are a few things to avoid before you begin your treatment.

1. Stay Out of the Sun

Avoid going out in direct sunlight. UV rays from the sun boost the production of melanin and Vitamin-D, which can affect the way your body reacts to the laser treatment. Melanin, a pigment in the skin, soaks radiation and can cause the skin to burn or tan, and become sensitive. This can have an adverse effect on your skin when it comes into contact with light waves emitted by the laser, resulting in a failure to get the desired result.

2. Don’t Use Spray/Fake Tan

Avoid using a spray tan on your skin before laser treatment. Your skin absorbs toxins in the tan when you spray, and may react badly to laser treatment and even delay the process. In addition to spray tan, you should also avoid fake tan lotions. Both products increase the risk of complications such as blistering, burning, and hyper pigmentation.

3. Avoid Alternative Removal Methods

Once you have decided to go with the laser treatment method, avoid any other removal method including dermabrasion, TCA, salabrasion, cryosurgery, and excision. All the methods may interfere with the effectiveness and cost of laser treatment. The alternatives are also extremely painful and known to cause permanent scarring or skin deformation. Do not attempt any of these methods before or during the laser treatment in an attempt to speed up the process.

4. Don’t Take Antibiotics just Before the Process

Some antibiotics are known to interact negatively with laser treatment. Some antibiotics make your skin sensitive and are incompatible with laser treatments. If it is absolutely necessary to take the medicine, inform your technician clinician so they can help them you decide whether it is safe to proceed with laser tattoo removal.

Way Forward

Thinking of getting a tattoo removed? Taking care of your skin before a tattoo removal treatment is as important as the aftercare. Follow these guidelines before starting the treatment to prevent complications during and after the removal process. If you are looking for a qualified and certified laser tattoo removal in Melbourne or nearby areas, choose DRM Laser Tattoo Removal. DRM Laser uses state of the art medical equipment to remove unwanted tattoos with along with a reliable pain management as well. To learn more, call us at 0448 886 935 or drop an email at